Always Be a Pro

Recently Wedding Wire offered this for consideration:

"7 in 10 couples say responsiveness is one of the top things they consider when researching wedding professionals. We suggest:"

  • Respond within 24 hours

  • Personalize your response

  • Use couples' preferred mode of contact to reply

Excellent advice!

If you’re careless in responding to someone who expresses an interest in your professional services, they can be forgiven for believing you will be careless about their special day as well. Who wants that?

How many times have you known a co-worker whose office always looks like a hurricane just struck, only to later discover their car and home reflect the same characteristics?

Respond Within 24 Hours I’m going to say, “Respond NOW!” Services like Wedding Wire often notify their subscribing professionals before non-subscribers. “Carpé diem!” Take advantage of the opportunity to shine. The faster your message gets back to a prospect the higher the odds they will be impressed and remember you.

Personalize Your Response Again, services like Wedding Wire, as well as most email handlers, have a facility for designing and recalling templates. This is a great ‘first step’ – use it. It saves time. But don’t send “cookie cutter” replies to the most important people in your business. Address your prospect(s) by name; refer to their wedding date/location; if you know any of their other wedding pros, share some nice words. Let your prospect know they are important to you, you are happy to hear from them and you are at their service.

Use Couples’ Preferred Mode of Contact to Reply Always treat the prospect/client as you would want to be treated. Do you have “a preferred mode of contact”? I do. And for very good reasons. I’m always impressed when a professional accedes to my wishes. It means they care. They respect my time. They are professional.

We’ve all heard it: “The early bird gets the worm.” Respond promptly, personally and professionally. You will see the results.

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