The Magic of Vows Renewal

Eight Great Ideas To Make Your Vows Renewal Ceremony Amazing!

1. For a destination wedding, one on the beach perhaps, coincide your ring exchange with a sand ceremony!

2. Or you can go the route of the unity candle. Sand coincides nicely with the beach but a romantic, symbolic candle can fit well within any setting.

3. Choose new songs that suit the time and your experiences over the years. It’s nice to play songs from the original wedding day but add some new tunes in the mix that refer to different points throughout the marriage.

4. Have your bridesmaids and groomsmen come back. You could even add a few new faces in the mix if you’d like, just make sure their attire is more casual and no one has to spend hundreds of dollars on alterations.

5. You have to include the kiddos. If you have a gaggle of little ones make sure there’s a special point throughout the celebration that you recognize them as well.

6. Don’t be afraid to theme your event. Whether it’s all things 'beachy' or you turn your backyard into a winter wonderland, do whatever you didn’t get to do the first time around!

7. Definitely pair the vow renewal with your anniversary. Coincide dates to the best of your ability, for obvious reasons of course!

8. Finally, wear your original accessories! The jewelry or the shoes, pick a piece (or all of them) to dawn on this new day.

Vows Perfect For The Ring Exchange At Your Vow Renewal Ceremony!

  • “Husband/Wife, I give you this ring as a token of our abiding love and re-commitment to one another.”

  • “We have lived and loved as we promised long ago in the presence of God. Our past and future are a circle unbroken, much like these rings, with which we renew our pledge to one another of never-ending devotion.”

Thoughts for Reaffirming with Your Original Wedding Rings

  • “[Husband] and [Wife], your wedding rings blessed so many years ago are outward symbols of your commitment to each other. The never-ending circle of your rings symbolizes your never-ending love for each other.”

Husband/Wife hold hands, touch the other’s ring and say:

  • “From this day forward, I reaffirm my love for you, and this ring is a symbol of that love.”

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