Wedding Traditions

Be they cultural or family, traditions can significantly contribute to the solemnity of your wedding ceremony.

Many are routinely found after the ceremony. For example, rice or bubbles or confetti, dancing the Hora, the dollar dance, Father/Daughter Dance. There are hundreds.

Others are reserved for the ceremony itself: Hand Blessing, Hand Fasting, Unity Candle, Filipino Veil, Cord and Coin ceremony, Breaking the Glass at a Jewish Wedding. And the list goes on.

During our meetings to plan your wedding we’ll talk a lot about such things and what will be most meaningful for you and your family. Excerpted from an article offered elsewhere on this site:

… there might be extra ceremony elements you want to include. Perhaps a rose ceremony, the water or sand ceremony, the hand ceremony, or a hand fasting are on your dream wedding list. You may have a cultural ritual you want included. Knowing that when you meet with me means we’ll have a great time talking it over and coming up with ideas on how to incorporate that element into your ceremony.

These and more can be found detailed on the Internet. Here we’ve gathered a few to offer a brief explanation of some of the more common customs. At the bottom of the list you’ll find a link taking you to the web where you can explore to your heart’s content. Read more . . .

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