Wedding Vows Primer

You are ultra-conservative and super-traditional! You are a free spirit, revering the opportunity to be creative outside the box! Probably somewhere in between.

Regardless – writing your own wedding vows is an opportunity for you to be you.

No one knows better than you how to talk to your beloved. But many are daunted by the idea of constructing the words they will use to publicly declare their love and devotion to a partner. This isn't unusual. This kind of public declaration does not come easily to most folks.

One role of your officiant is maven – confidant – coach. They will guide you through the verbal maze, arriving at what best conveys the dedication that brought you to your special day.

We’re happy to help. We’ll even make sure you each have a printed copy of your vows and we’ll coach you on how to read them in a most endearing way. Yes! Printed copy! You don’t need the stress of memorizing and reciting your vows with everything else that’s going on.

Here’s the thought our first bride shared following their ceremony:

[We] had chosen to write our own vows and Tom was our sounding board, helping us ensure that the sentiments we were so emotionally trying to express came across as eloquently as possible.

Many suggestions can be found detailed on the Internet. Here we’ve gathered a few to "get the creative juices flowing." At the bottom of the list you’ll find a link taking you to the web where you can explore to your heart’s content. Read more . . .

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