What do Cabo San Lucas and Myrtle Beach Have in Common?

Other than being almost half a world apart - - - - they are both targets of Mother Nature: Typhoons and Hurricanes! Both provided an opportunity for us to “save the day” for a despaired wedding couple.

Chris & Martin (not their real names) planned a fairy tale wedding in Cabo on the shores of the blue Pacific.

Dale & Bobbie (also not their real names) had everything all set to renew their wedding vows barefoot in the Atlantic sand of Myrtle Beach, NC.

Typhoon Odile and Hurricane Florence sent all those plans drifting away on the receding tide.

People to contact – Flight to alter – Wedding plans to start all over again! OMG! Reservations! Call for rooms! Photographer! Florist! Caterer!

OMG! I don’t know anybody there. Who will officiate?

We did . . . . both had happy endings.

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