Wedding Vows




Vow Selections: 
(You may wish to add your own embellishments)

Vow No. 1 - Bride & Groom - Traditional
I, Bride/Groom, take you/thee Groom/Bride, to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; and I promise to be faithful to you until death do us part.

Vow No. 2a - Bride to Groom
I, Bride, take you/thee, Groom,
to be my lawfully wedded husband,
secure in the knowledge that you will be
my constant friend,
my faithful partner in life,
and my one true love.
On this special day,
I give to you
in the presence of God and these witnesses
my sacred promise to stay by your side as your wife
in sickness and in health,
in joy and in sorrow, as well as
through the good times and the bad.
I promise to love you without reservation,
comfort you in times of distress,
encourage you to achieve all of your goals,
laugh with you and cry with you,
grow with you in mind and spirit,
always be open and honest with you,
and cherish you for as long as we both shall live.

Vow No. 2b- Groom to Bride
I, Groom, take you/thee, Bride,
to be my lawfully wedded wife,
knowing in my heart that you will be
my constant friend,
my faithful partner in life,
and my one true love.
On this special day,
I give to you
in the presence of God and these witnesses
my sacred promise to stay by your side as your husband
in sickness and in health,
in joy and in sorrow, as well as
through the good times and the bad.
I promise to love you without reservation,
honor and respect you,
provide for your needs as best I can,
protect you from harm,
comfort you in times of distress,
grow with you in mind and spirit,
always be open and honest with you,
and cherish you for as long as we both shall live.

Vow No. 3
All that I am and all that I have
I offer to you, my beloved,
    in joy
    in service
    in sacred union.

Vow No. 4
All that I dream and all I desire
I ask from you, my beloved,
    in thanksgiving
    in anticipation
    in celebration

Vow No. 5
All that I have been and all that I shall be
I bring into our union, my beloved
    for your blessing
    for your clear reflection
    for your sacred witness

Vow No. 6
All that I am and all that I have
I entrust to your heart, by beloved,
    on this sacred day
    and tomorrow
    and always

Vow No. 7
I, ___, choose you, ___
in the presence of this company
to be my wife/husband/partner/mate
from this time forward.
to love you, to be a comfort and safe haven in your life,
To Hold you close,
To listen deeply when you are sad or angry,
To learn compassion with you,
To nourish you with my gentleness, to uphold you with my strength,
To love your body as it ages,
To weigh the effects of the words I speak and of the things I do,
To never take you for granted, but always to give thanks for your presence

As our lives unfold together, I promise to be faithful,
To always express my emotional truth and embrace you as both teacher and student as we do what life calls us to, individually and in relationship

Vow No. 8
I give you my love,
I give you my heart
I give you my hope
I give you with joy from the coffers of my precious time
    the rest of the days of my life;
To delight in your body, even as it grows old,
    To nourish your mind
To be at home with your spirit
    the way a star is at home in the sky;
To celebrate your whole being with joy
    as the sun emblazons the sea with its light;
To know you, love you,  hold you, warm you
Through all the long days of our lives.
Until we both shall grow old
    and the sight falls from our eyes and our beings fall from life to light;
I choose to go with you always
from this day until the end of our days
as your adoring husband (wife/mate).


Vow No. 9
Because I have never known such a love
I take you now, for forever
to be my dear husband /wife.

Vow No. 10
I come here today, (name), to join my life to yours before this company.
In their presence I pledge to be true to you, to respect you,
and to grow with you through the years.
Time may pass, fortune may smile, trials may come;
no matter what we may encounter together,
I vow here that this love will be my only love.
I will make my home in your heart from this day forward.

Vow No. 11
Today, (name), I join my life to yours, not merely as your (husband/wife),
but as your friend, your lover, and your confidant.
Let me be the shoulder you lean on,
the rock on which you rest,
the companion of your life.
With you I will walk my path from this day forward.

Vow No. 12 (RING VOW)
(Name), with free and unconstrained soul,
I give you all I am and all I am to become.
Take this ring, and with it my promise of faith, patience, and love,
for the rest of my life.

Vow No. 13 (RING VOW)
What have I to give you, (name)?
The promise to take you as my only love from this day forward,
to stand by your side, to listen when you speak,
to comfort you when you cry,
and to join your laughter with my own.
Take this ring, and be my (husband/wife)

Vow No. 14
As freely, (name), as God has given me life,
I join my life with yours.
Wherever you go, I will go;
whatever you face, I will face.
For good or ill, in happiness or sadness,
come riches or poverty,
I take you as my (husband/wife), and will give myself to no other.

Vow No. 15 (Ring Vow)
To marry the person you have set your heart upon
is a joy unparalleled in human life.
(Name), take this ring as a sign of my faith
and my commitment to our love,
and share this joy with me today.

Vow No. 16
I used to be afraid of falling in love, of giving my heart away.
How could I trust a (man/woman) to love me,
to give to me all that I wanted to give to (him/her)?
(Name), when I met you, I realized how much we could share together.
You have renewed my life:
Today I join that life with yours.

Vow No. 17
Two flames, one light.
(Name), I offer you this ring as a sign of life,
and myself as your (husband/wife).
Let us walk together always,
and let us always walk towards the light.


Vow No. 18
I came to this place today as a (man/woman) standing alone;
I will walk from it by your side.
Today I cross the threshold with you
and enter into a new and lasting lifetime commitment.
(Name), I commit myself to you as your (husband/wife).

Vow No. 19
Where there has been cold,
you have brought warmth;
where my life was dark,
you have brought light.
(Name), I pledge before this assembled company
to be your (husband/wife) from this day forward.
Let us make of our two lives, one life,
and let us always honor and respect each other.


Vow No.  20

Dearest bride/Groom,

I choose you to be my husband/wife,

to be by each other side through life’s journey together.

You are my best friend.  You are my precious love.

You are the one I choose to spend my life with.


I promise to cherish you,

To honor you,

To love and respect you.

I promise to comfort and encourage you,

When we are healthy

And when we must endure sickness;

When we are filled with the joys of success

And when we are burdened with sorrows.


Bride/Groom, I promise to love you without condition for all the days of my life.


Vow No. 21

Bride/Groom, each of us has had quite a journey in our lives so far.

I feel so blessed to have found you as my partner.

I love you,

In choosing to share all of life blessings,

challenges, joys, and sorrows with you.

As your husband/wife,

I promise to nurture you,

To be kind and patient,

forgiving and faithful.

I promise to honor our differences

and to learn from them.

I will encourage you and stand by you

in our life together, and will grow with you in the shelter of our love.

I promise you this with my heart and soul.

I vow to you before our families and friends,

to dedicate myself to our marriage, our friendship, and our love.


Vow No. 22

I love you, bride/Groom, and in that love, and with my deepest gratitude for your presence in my life, I’m honored to become your husband/wife today.


I know that our life together may include sorrows as well is joys. But I also know that growing through life with you will make it all the more meaningful, because with you, I get to live life in Technicolor.


I know that between the two of us, we have all the resources, imagination, strength, and clarity of intention to protect, grow, and nurture our love to all of life’s ups and downs.


Bride/Groom, I promise to respect you always and to recognize that your interests, desires, and needs are as important as mine.

I also know that the quality of our inner life together is far more important than anything we can create or accomplish in the outer world.


I promise to keep my mind, heart, and soul open to you.

I promise to be vulnerable enough to let you in to the tender and secret places within me.


Bride/Groom, I promise to love you without condition with all that I am and all that I have, completely and forever.


Vow No. 23

Groom/bride, each of us has traveled a long way to be here today, and I feel truly blessed to have found you.

Groom/bride to you I vow these things:

Never to forget the wonder of having found you,

Never to lose sight of the rare gift that is your love, never to take that love for granted,

And always to place our relationship first.


I vow always to be open with my heart,

To be honest, sincere, respectful and kind.

In the presence of these witnesses,

I take you to be my wife/husband and partner,

From this day forward,

In happiness and in sorrow, in sickness and health, in good times and bad, in weakness and in strength.


All that I am, I give to you

In a bond that is everlasting.

I pledge my love for ever.


Vow No. 24

Bride/Groom, I feel truly blessed to have found you.

My days with you fill me with wonder.

At times you are the mirror to my soul.

Other times you’re my perfect complement.

You enrich my life in ways you cannot imagine,

And with each day you give my life new meaning.

You are my lover, my partner, and my best friend.

As your wife/husband I will be faithful to you always,

Lift freely with you in times of joy,

And grow with you in times of sorrow.

Whatever path life lies before us, it takes us together.


I will always accept you for who you are,

wholly and without reservation.

And I ask you to accept me as I am. 

Your love is my greatest treasure.

I am blessed by the love, patience and devotion you have shown me.


All that I am, I give to you in a bond that is everlasting.  I pledge my love forever.


Other ideas:

I promise to encourage your compassion /individuality/…,

Because that is what makes you unique and wonderful.

I promise to nurture your dreams/…,

Because through them your soul shines.

I promise to help shoulder our challenges,

Because through them we’ll emerge stronger.

I promise to be your partner in all things,

Not possessing you, but working with you as a part of the whole.

I promise to share with you the joys of life,

Because with you they will be that much sweeter.

Lastly, I promise to you perfect love and perfect trust,

For one lifetime with you could never be enough.

This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things.

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